2021 Scholarship Application Guidelines (Due by March 15, 2021):


The Ezekiel Taylor Scholarship Foundation will award $1,000 in scholarship funds to Black male high school seniors who reside in Cook County, Illinois.



1. Be a Black male high school senior 

2. Cook County resident (proof of address could include school transcripts, utility bills, government ID, etc.) 

3. Maintain at least a 2.5 GPA

4. Provide proof of ACT/SAT score

5. Must attend a two or four-year college or university

6. Must write a 500-750 word essay on “How Chicago’s gun violence has impacted my life, and how I plan to make a difference in my community”

7. Provide a copy of high school transcript

8. Provide two (2) recommendation letters on original letterhead


♦  Applications must be printed or typed and signed by the student, parents and guidance counselor.

♦  Applications MUST be submitted online and/or mailed (Must be postmarked by March 15, 2021). *Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted*

♦  Applications will be reviewed by the Ezekiel Taylor Scholarship Foundation Committee. 

♦  Winners will be announced via mail by May 30, 2021. Non-winners will NOT be contacted. 

♦  All winners MUST attend/participate in the Scholarship Awards Gala & Fundraiser on Saturday, July 31, 2021. **Failure to appear or participate in awards gala, results in the forfeit of funds.


Applications may be downloaded from: www.EZTaylor.org



___ Application

___ Essay 

___ Guidance Counselor Signature 

___ High School Transcript 

___ Two (2) Recommendation Letters (On Original Letterhead)

___ Proof of Residence

___ GPA and ACT or SAT scores


Please type an essay (Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced) in this document or a separate sheet of paper. It should be a minimum of 500 words to 750 words on the following questions below:

How has the Chicago violence impacted your life, your family and friends? Despite the impact, how will you use the situation to make a positive impact in your community?

Applicants can download & mail complete applications OR, submit entire application online. You MUST pick either or, and not a combination of both. DEADLINE: March 15, 2021

Ezekiel Taylor Scholarship Foundation Committee

P.O. Box 22 

Glenwood, IL 60425-0022

**Please note that only completed application packages will be accepted for submission. ONLY winners will be contacted.**


Download PDF & MAIL

Submit Online

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