“Is it REALLY News?" 

How to consume media & social media responsibly”


Saturday, April 24th via zoom | 10amCST – NoonCST      *FREE*

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Americans are consumed with media and social media. It’s information overload on our devices, constantly at our fingertips.

But what is to be believed? What is real? What’s not? 


In a society in which people use filters to appear flawless, apps to create make-believe travel, and photoshop to create images they want to portray, it’s hard to believe what we see. Many people are trying to compete and keep up with false images. And everyone wants to keep up with the Jones'.


Once the term “fake news” hit main stream media, it became evident that many of us could be living in a misinformed, and disinformed world ...in media and social media. 

Our expert media panelists will discuss how to spot misinformation, identify fake news/photos, fake accounts, and provide tips on how to consume media/social media responsibly. 


Guest Speakers / IG Handles: 

Kamau Marshall, President Joe Biden Director of Communications; @KamauMarshall 

Galen Gordon, ABC SVP of Talent Development; @GalenGordon

Raelyn Johnson, MSNBC Executive Producer; @Raejoh

Adrienne Broaddus, CNN Correspondent; @AdrienneBroaddus

Jermont Terry CBS (WBBM Chicago) Reporter; @JermontTerry

Jawn Murray, TV Commentator & Pop Culture Expert @JawnMurray


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Due to COVID-19, the Ezekiel Taylor Scholarship Foundation did not host an in-person scholarship gala in 2020. 

However, Covid-19 did NOT disrupt our commitment to male youth development! We were Victorious....Virtually.


Please watch a star-studded gala as we awarded 25 scholarships to young African-American males to attend colleges all across the country.


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