Ezekiel Taylor lived on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. He was a son, a husband, a father, a brother, an uncle and a friend. He loved his family and he loved life.

Ezekiel was born in Lexington, Mississippi on June 14, 1947.

In 1968, earned his degree from Saints Junior College in Lexington, MS. Shortly after, he migrated to Chicago, IL. In 1971, he married Velma Booker and they had one daughter Tenisha Taylor. The couple also helped raise Ezekiel's nieces, Osella & Cynthia Taylor, as if they were their own.

Ezekiel was known for his charisma and charm. He was a sharp dresser. He enjoyed fashionable suits and jewelry. He embodied the term "swag" before the term existed. He also had a keen eye for collectible automobiles.

Ezekiel worked for 13 years at Stanadyne Screw Company in Bellwood, IL. He had the gift of gab. He enjoyed joking, talking and public speaking. He was a deacon at Booker Temple Church of God, where he spoke from John 15:1 on the night he was killed. His speech: "I'm a true vine. My father is the Vinedresser."

Unfortunately, on April 23, 1982, Ezekiel's life was tragically cut short.

After leaving church that evening, he stopped at a fast-food restaurant on 79th Street and Stony Island Avenue. He was robbed for his car.


According to police, Ezekiel put up a fight for his prized possession and that's when his murderers took it to the next level. They kidnapped him, took him to the Zanzibar Motel a few short blocks away on 81st Street and Stony Island Avenue where he was tied up, shot and killed. His body was found with his daughter’s baby picture in his pants pocket. Ezekiel was only 34 years old. His killers were 15, 19, and 21 years old.


Ezekiel was full of life, energy and passion. His murderers had no regard for his life or their own. Ezekiel left behind a wife, a daughter and two nieces who depended on him. 

Today, his legacy lives on through his daughter, Tenisha Taylor Bell, founder of the Ezekiel Taylor Scholarship Foundation.


MISSION: To ensure that young African-American men lead better lives, make good 'life' choices that impact their entire community, and have opportunities for higher education.


VISION: To strengthen the opportunity for growth of young African-American men in Chicago, through education, mentorship and a foundation of social and emotional support. Through the activities of Ezekiel Taylor Scholarship Foundation, we will provide funding for these young men to further their education and/skills. Thus, creating a better life for themselves and the communities in which they live. Education is the key to their success.


"Why We Care" 

Ezekiel Taylor was killed by 15, 19, and 21-years-old. They were teenagers who could have had a bright a future. Unfortunately, they didn't have a supportive community system that encouraged them to make 'good' life decisions. The senseless violence that plagued Chicago in the 80's continues to haunt the city today.   



The Ezekiel Taylor Scholarship Foundation will reach young men, before street gangs reach them. The organization targets African-American males, whom are often over looked by society. Young men who are not "A" or "B" academic scholars, but they have potential and they deserve a chance at education. Through our foundation we will ensure that more young African-American men are making 'good' life choices thus impacting their families and an entire city. 

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